Blended & Baked 25 – Part 1: The Groovy Session

Blended & Baked 25

Pryda The End
Derek Howell Double Down (Poison Pro’s Double Meditation Mix)
Luis Bondio Waiting For
Rick Pier O’Neil & David Weed Cenote (RPO Rework 2016)
Fatboy Slim Sunset (Poison Pro Remix)
Fady Ferraye & Agoria feat. Scalde Beirut Solarized
Andrea Cassino De Los Alpes a Los Andes (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
Ignas Scorpio
Tip D’Oris Stramony

Running time: 59m18s
Compiled, blended & baked by Faskil @ Silly Waffles Studios
Copyright (c) 2016 Silly Waffles Productions

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