Les limites de la raison

Excellent papier du New Yorker, qui fait le constat désolant (voire terrifiant) de la puissance dangereuse de l’émotionnel dans notre analyse des faits, et de l’incapacité de la raison à nous faire changer d’avis.

There must be some way […] to convince people that vaccines are good for kids, and handguns are dangerous. […] But here they encounter the very problems they have enumerated. Providing people with accurate information doesn’t seem to help; they simply discount it. Appealing to their emotions may work better, but doing so is obviously antithetical to the goal of promoting sound science. “The challenge that remains,” they write toward the end of their book, “is to figure out how to address the tendencies that lead to false scientific belief.”

Ma vie de psychopathe

Ma vie de psychopathe

Papier fascinant sur The Cut, où la journaliste Katie Heaney s’entretient avec une femme diagnostiquée psychopathe.

For some reason, people think we want to kill people. And I think that probably comes from the lack of empathy. People believe that if you have a lack of empathy, that automatically opens a floodgate of antisocial behavior. That’s not really how it works. I may not care, I may not have an emotional reaction to someone’s pain, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going out of my way to cause pain. It just means that I don’t have that emotional response.